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a success story.
Dear future employer,
Some graduates will feed you buzzwords about how their internship, work experience or placement year has given them the right skills to succeed as an employee. They may explain how leading a sports team or a university society marks them out for positions of responsibility. They might even cite a large social media presence as evidence of their people skills and networking talents.
I am a different class of graduate. Mine is the hard-won wisdom that comes from triumph over adversity, facing real problems and emerging successful.
There are plenty of graduates out there with a 2:1 - my case is exceptional because I achieved that degree following the sudden death of both parents, within the space of 13 months.
The piece of work I am most proud of is not my dissertation, it is my father's eulogy.
I did not lead a sports team, I did not organise a society.
I led a family in mourning and organised a funeral.
All the while, I completed my final year of study in half the expected time with practically zero supervision. I am a working asset because I have been tested so comprehensively.
What I achieved took diligence, enormous resilience, and the refusal to give up under any circumstances. Those qualities are what make my two commitments cast-iron:
1. Nobody will work harder.
2. Nobody will do more.
I know what I am capable of. I am not interested in sympathy, I am not a victim.
This is a success story, not a sob story.
All I desire is the opportunity to do difficult work well.
I'm incredibly eager to get stuck in, to contribute, to build and to make a real difference.
So if you want somebody driven, ambitious and self-assured, somebody who does not quit - 
then I cannot wait to show you what I can do.
Luke Proctor
It's not all adversity and ambition:
Here's a little more about me and my interests.
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