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Previous Experience

Student Ambassador,

British Foreign Policy Group

December 2018


July 2019

This voluntary position with a cutting-edge think-tank mainly involved taking part in policy discussions with the goal of providing evidenced-based advice to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO). I met with members of the FCO and Parliamentary Assistants, gaining vital insight into policy and planning. A particularly valuable exercise was practice in developing hypothetical advisory briefs for MPs, within very tight time constraints.


The Font Fallowfield

September 2017


January 2019

This sought-after role at one of the most popular student bars in Manchester demanded that I memorise over 50 cocktails. My responsibilities included training new staff, managing stock levels, maintaining proper hygiene at all times and playing a substantive role in weekly team meetings.


Boardmaster's Music Festival

August 9th 2018


August 12th 2018

This role at an extremely popular festival included supervising a VIP bar and personally attending to the organisers of the festival. Shifts were between 13-15 hours in length, requiring a significant degree of stamina.

Sales Colleague,

Tesco Stores Ltd

November 2014


March 2016

Primarily, I worked on the checkouts with customers, but my role was broadly defined and often I dealt with warehouse stock and Point of Sale (POS) on the shop-floor. In the latter months of my time, I often assumed the responsibilities of team leader on the checkouts.


Hot House Energy Co.

August 2014


October 2014

Working as a canvasser over the phone in a call-centre was a very pressured role in which targets had to be met for each shift. It developed my proficiency using communications systems and grew my confidence dealing with some especially difficult members of the public.

Sales Assistant,

Go Outdoors Ltd.

April 2013


August 2014

This highly dynamic and technical environment was very beneficial to my skill set. My role was necessarily broad, in which excellent customer service and detailed product knowledge was crucial, including the ability to advise customers based on their individual needs.

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