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Frequently Asked Questions.
Why the website?
The old format of CVs and Cover letters is a little orthodox for my taste.
I built this website to break through the noise and demonstrate my creative flair.
It allows me to express myself with authenticity and originality.
Why should we hire you, over a more experienced candidate? 
I have no illusions about what I'm offering.
It's not concrete experience, it's raw potential. Bags of it.
That other candidate has already started developing bad habits that you'll have to 'unlearn'.
I'm ready to be moulded into the perfect fit for your organisation.
Build me into your best employee.
How can you claim that nobody will work harder?
It's a fair question - my claim is bold.
The answer is my ability to constantly self-evaluate and readjust, course-correcting if necessary.
My drive to improve is insatiable, and I'm always looking for feedback.
But will I enjoy working with you? 
Let's have a conversation and find out!
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